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Finding the right partner

How to find the right partner? How do you attract others?

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  • 140 Bulgarian leva
  • ulitsa "Golo Bardo" 20, Lozenets, Sofia|Online Meeting

Описание на услугата

Are you alone for too long or do you always fall for the wrong person? Through an analysis of your natal chart, you will understand : - what your blockages are and what you need to change in your life to attract love. - when it is good to increase the number of meetings in order to increase your chances. - I will give you a clear definition of who is the right partner for you and what kind of people you should avoid - how to attract other people or in other words what energizes you and brings you magnetism, how to use this energy to attract the right partner I need your date, time, place of birth in advance. You can also share with me a problem you may have.

Данни за контакт

  • ul. "Golo Bardo" 20, Sofia, Bulgaria

    + +359 887 20 9559

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

    + +359 887209559

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