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Astrology helps us when used for therapy and self-improvement. That's why I work through a live conversation - a personal meeting or online.

My name is Nikola Nikolov, I am an astrologer and architect and that is how Astrodesign was born - Interior design based on a person's natal chart. After years of developing a corporate career, I have created astrological Team-buildings through which participants get to know each other in-depth, learn to be authentic, have healthy arguments, and become team players. I am a researcher in the Astrology field, love teaching and transforming people's lives!

The consultations with me include:

  • Complete astrological natal reading

  • Synastry (Partner horoscope)

  • Family energy and Karmic astrology

  • Business / Team consulting

  • Forecasts and specific Date selection

  • Tarot

  • Mentorship for budding astrologers

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Nikola Nikolov

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How can I help you?
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Ask me about the following services:

Ask about the following services:


Mentoring for Astrologers

First step: Analyzing the level of knowledge by reading a volunteer's natal chart. Setting tasks before the next meeting.

Secondary steps: Teaching and periodically analyzing volunteers' cards. Every meeting is followed by feedback and setting new tasks.


Ask about the following services:


Astrology-based Team-building

My Team-building is designed to bring people together, improve communication, develop empathy and resolve conflicts. 
I use astrology to reveal the specifics of the character of each of the participants, we are working in groups, learning new things about astrology, and having fun. See more in the Business section.

Ask about the following services:


Astrodesign training

Astrodesign training comes in the following 2 variants:


1. For Astrologers who want to be Astrodesign decorators.

2. For graduate Interior designers who want to become Astrodesign architects.

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I created a unique worldwide method for interior design based on a person's horoscope - I called it Astrodesign. Over the years, we have proven that the result is always the best home that could be designed and built for the owners. We delve into your deepest needs and create a space where your soul feels at home. We offer also online Astrodesign consultations, as well as a complete design. Learn more in the Astrodesign section.

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