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Astrology helps us when used for therapy and self-improvement. That's why I work through a live conversation - a personal meeting or online.

My name is Nikola Nikolov, I am an astrologer and architect and that is how Astrodesign was born - Interior design based on a person's natal chart. After years of developing a corporate career, I have created astrological Team-buildings through which participants get to know each other in-depth, learn to be authentic, have healthy arguments, and become team players. I am a researcher in the Astrology field, love teaching and transforming people's lives!

The consultations with me include:

  • Complete astrological natal reading

  • Synastry (Partner horoscope)

  • Family energy and Karmic astrology

  • Business / Team consulting

  • Forecasts and specific Date selection

  • Tarot

  • Mentorship for budding astrologers

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Nikola Nikolov

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