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Astrology-based Team-building / Training

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Our clients:


Key Advantages:

  • knowing your colleagues on a deeper level

  • fun activities

  • empathy

  • problem-solving

  • building meaningful relationships

  • becoming team-players 


Number of participants: 4-16


Duration: 3,5 - 4,5 hours

Available in: English, German, Bulgarian

Tell me about your team.
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What are the participants saying?

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

Let your team members get to know each other more deeply and develop their skills.

Our Team-buildings and Trainings are suitable for all types of Teams and are available both online and in person. 

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“За екипа ми мога да кажа, че определено се съобразяват повече с настроенията на другия и често цитират, обяснявайки дадена ситуация с преживяното и разбраното по време на сесията с теб. Направих подробна презентация на събитието ни пред HR-ите ни. Впечатлиха се и определено ще помислят за срещи с теб. Благодаря ти още веднъж!"

Regina Simon, Bosch Country Business Director

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