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  • Astrological readings

  • Astrological mentoring & courses

  • Astro therapy

  • Find love and purpose in life

  • Synastry (partners compatibility)

  • Karmic astrology and ancestral energy

  • Prognosis; date selection

  • Company/business analysis

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Astrodesign is our unique worldwide method for creating Interior design based on your Astrological chart.


When you need to refurbish or decorate your space in the most amazing and specific to your personality way, get online your

  • Astrodesign consultation with a Moodboard or 

  • a full Interior design project.

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Business training / Team-building

Are you looking for a way to unite your team, develop their authentic leadership skills and have fun together?  

  • Astro Team-building

  • 16 Personality types

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I'm looking for a Property

  • Hire an architect for an independent property evaluation

  • Checking the Floorplans' qualities via Viber/email with our architects before going to a Property and losing time and money for inappropriate Real Estate visiting

  • Learn what to look out for and how to save money on repairs before you buy it

You don't know where to start and what you need?

   Write to us in               or call us at  

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